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About Croner-i

Our mission is to support businesses, managers, and their advisors, and deliver results. Every day, Croner-i helps thousands of companies and accountancy firms comply with the law, achieve and maintain best practice, and create value. We specialise in tax & accounting, human resources, health & safety, and a wide range of other sectors, delivering online, actionable information.

We help our customers grow their businesses by providing the information and tools they need to remove uncertainty and ensure the chances of getting things wrong are minimised.

For decades, we’ve been the foundation upon which businesses have built their reputations. Thousands of companies rely on Croner-i services to ensure compliance, reduce risk and maintain best practice – whether that’s through our in-depth expert guides, legislation tracker, workflow tools, or daily industry news.

In a world where information is available to all, instantaneously, we offer guidance that you can be sure is high quality and reliable, written and created by real experts in their fields.

The way in which business professionals access, interpret and use information is changing, and Croner-i is changing too, ensuring we remain the natural choice for their information needs.

Croner-i is designed to help professionals apply the information they need in their own work, so they can learn, plan and act. With Croner-i, you can optimise both your own performance and that of your company.

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Why Croner-i?

Croner-i combines knowledge with practicality to provide you with guidance and best practice you can put into action straight away.


Our information is written by people who really know their stuff. They have the experience and knowledge to provide the insights you need to understand the real implications of legislative and regulatory change in your industry.


Croner-i is so much more than a source of guidance. Our products contain a wealth of practical tools that make our information actionable. Download ready-to-use templates, letters and forms, and use checklists, toolkits, and workflow apps for accurate results and detailed reports.


Our customers rely on us to provide the latest information on any issue related to their role. We constantly check and update our content, so you can trust the veracity of our service.


We listen to our customers to ensure Croner-i delivers the information they need, in the way they need it. Our platform is constantly improving, adding functionalities, and enhancing the way they find information and use our resources in their work.