Our heritage

We have decades of experience advising businesses on best practice, from international traders to accounting firms.

Croner-i is built on a long history of helping businesses.

Over several decades, we have developed our products and services to give companies the very best compliance advice. What began as a cluster of paper-based leaflets has grown into the vast, in-depth online portal of information and tools that you see today.

Our humble beginnings are really found in two entirely different companies: Croner Publications and CCH.

Croner Publications Ltd formed in the First World War, and published its first volume in 1947 – the Reference Book for Exporters, created for traders. Croner would continue releasing similar volumes for the next few decades.

In 1977, it was acquired by ICU, later named Wolters Samson Group – which merged with Kluwer in 1987 to become Wolters Kluwer.

Meanwhile, US company CCH (Commerce Clearing House) was founded in 1913, publishing tax rates and tables. It expanded to the UK in 1982, when it opened CCH Editions Ltd in Oxfordshire and launched its first tax publication, the British Tax Guide.

In 1984 it launched what was to become its flagship product, the British Tax Reporter, a six-volume loose-leaf. It’s still offered today as an online subscription. The British Value Added Tax Reporter followed the next year, too.

The company went digital in 1994, launching its first CD-ROM – a digitised version of its British Tax Library.

The next year, Wolters Kluwer acquired CCH Editions, and for the first time both CCH and Croner operated under the same company.

The year 1999 was a milestone: CCH Information launched online versions of its products for the first time with its CCH Online service.

A service from the company that was only available online, however, came in 2004. As the first product under the Croner-i name, Croner-i HR offered human resources information and guidance to its subscribers. Over the next few years, Croner-i would expand its online portfolio to cover a huge range of sectors, including health & safety, small business, and trade.

Croner and CCH Information continued along their digital path, releasing ePub versions of core books and loose-leaves for ebook readers in 2013. Both the Croner-i and CCH Online services also migrated to a Drupal-based platform in 2015, becoming the fantastic online products that you see today.

Finally, in 2017, professional services company Peninsula Group acquired the Croner and CCH Information businesses from Wolters Kluwer. Both businesses came together as Croner-i Ltd – joining forces to become the leading provider of information services to tax, accounting, HR and health and safety professionals across the UK.

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