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Croner-i audit and accounting products uniquely combine a range of practical tools and checklists with supporting guidance to allow you to comply with all the complex audit and accounting requirements under UK GAAP, company law and IFRS in the most cost-efficient manner. Our focus on constantly updating the tools and commentary ensures you comply with the latest auditing and accounting standards, freeing up time to add value to your client relationships.

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From keeping up to date with accounting standards to checking the latest guidance, from current awareness to time-saving tools, Croner-i financial reporting titles uniquely provide everything that accountants need to correctly interpret and apply current standards. Croner-i's wide range of audit titles enable practitioners to get to grips with the requirements for a wide range of audit and other assurance assignments. The breadth and depth of content availalble includes a wide range of audit programmes, UK GAAP and IFRS standards and commentaries including best practice guidance and worked examples through our Deloitte manuals and Company Reporting databases.

Croner-i books and print subscriptions provide both deep and broad information for accountants and tax advisors. Whether it's reviewing the latest accounting standards or preparing accounts, every research requirement is provided for. Expert commentaries from Croner-i, Deloitte and others put the standards and legislation into context, helping make your work efficient and effective.

Keep up to date with regular technical news, expert commentary, analysis and insight on the latest developments in tax, audit, accounting, practice and industry and related areas.

Croner-i Professional Development provides a range of on and offline training solutions for tax, audit and accounting professionals. Providing relevant and up to the minute content, Croner-i helps you stay on top of all the latest developments, while meeting your professional body's CPD requirements.

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