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An outstanding CQC rating is recognition that you're meeting the highest standards within your industry.

But with a great deal of CQC admin to get through, when do you have time to prepare for an inspection and demonstrate you are complying with the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE)?

Meeting regulation is a necessity in the care industry, without such you risk your care home or domiciliary service being put on special measures, prosecuted, losing its reputation or worst-case scenario… being shut down. 

Such concerns are faced by many care homes and domiciliary care services.

Thankfully Croner-i have just launched a tool that can help, our Care Inspection Audit Tool. 

Our tool has been built to ensure you're ready for your next CQC audit, and to prevent such extravagancies as special measures or closure from occurring.

It offers a trusted gateway that allows you to focus on one, or more areas of care, at a time, so you can pinpoint those specific areas that require improvement.


What does it do?


Aimed at care services providing both residential and domiciliary care, our interactive audit tool allows you to:

  • Be prepared for an inspection whenever it occurs, with evidence of compliance for each Key Line of Enquiry

  • Measure and record your compliance against each of the CQC's KLOE and relevant key indicators

  • Choose which of the KLOE and key indicators you wish to focus on, and address areas for improvement by selecting KLOEs with a lower CQC rating

  • Store your compliance notes and actions within the tool, using an "at-a-glance" traffic light system to show your progress

  • Edit or amend your audits at any time, print them or export them as CSV files


Looking to add more value to your care service?


Discover what’s inside the tool, and how your company can use it to support and add value to your care service by booking a demonstration of our Care package here.


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