Julia Bowyer FCA, Content & Innovation Manager – Audit & Accounting, sets out the updates made by her expert authoring team to the Croner-i Navigate platform in recent months and shares the key projects currently being worked on.

For all:

For corporates/firms – accounting & reporting:

In progress: Navigate UK Accounting – FRS 101, LLPs, Micros, Accounts Preparation tool upgrade and adding more financial statement guidance modules into Navigate IFRS Accounting

For auditors/firms – audit & practice management

In progress: Navigate Audit Phase 3: audit report checklist, merging ImpGAAS/Navigate Audit guidance, making improvements to tools pre-ISA 315; updates to Practice Management Guide

For directors/company secretaries – company law, governance and corporate finance:

In progress: further updates to Company Secretaries and Directors Guide and Corporate Finance guide, Company Legislation reorganisation