The International Safety Awards 2020


The International Safety Awards 2020 hosted by the British Safety Council is Health and safety’s most prestigious award scheme – it recognises organisations from around the world who have demonstrated their commitment to good health, safety and wellbeing management.


The awards offer a fantastic and credible way to measure your effectiveness in reaching the highest health and safety standards, taking you beyond the realms of compliance.


The International Safety Awards also host Free to Enter Awards including, new for 2020, ‘Health & Safety Transformation Award’, which Croner-i are sponsoring. This award is for organisations who have significantly transformed any aspect of health, safety or wellbeing in their organisation using information.


Croner-i is proud to sponsor the Health and Safety Transformation Award as part of the prestigious British Safety Council International Safety Awards 2020. This award honours organisations who have significantly transformed aspects of health, safety or wellbeing in the workplace using information.


As the UK’s leading provider of health and safety information and advice, we’re thrilled to be associated with this award and are excited to hear the stories of applicants who have used information to make their organisation a safer, healthier place to be


- Claire Beresford-Murray, Croner-i Commercial Manager; HR, H&S & Compliance


Why apply for an International Safety Award?


By applying for an International Safety Award, you will be:

• Rewarding health, safety and wellbeing commitment

• Driving best practice

• Winning new clients, partners and business opportunities

• Cultivating new talent

• Rewarding your team and celebrating your success at International Safety Award Gala Dinner


How to apply…


1.       Check that your site/business unit is eligible at

2.       Purchase your application

3.       Allocate your license(s) in the award system

4.       Read the marking scheme and guidance notes

5.       Answer 10 marked questions, making full use of the support materials available

6.       Submit your application for marking by the award’s independent adjudication panel by Friday 7th February 2020


Key dates to consider:


Early bird application deadline​: 31 August 2019

Application submission deadline​: 7 February 2020

Results published​:10 March 2020

2020 International Safety Awards Gala Dinner​: 29 May 2020


To apply now, contact the British Safety Council at, call on +44 (0)20 8741 1231, or email on

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