International tax planning is rife with difficulties. The OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project and the European Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD) sparked an international tax revolution, while EU State Aid investigations brought more challenges. Tax advisors must work with the new rules, and to do so they need a detailed analysis of how the developments will impact on international tax planning.  

For a helping hand, Croner-i is pleased to announce the launch of Practical International Tax Planning for UK Businesses.  

It’s a publication designed to cut through the confusion, helping tax professionals consider the international tax planning requirements of both a UK company expanding its business into foreign jurisdictions, and of a foreign company expanding into the UK.   

Available in print or as an online service, this practical commentary is kept current and reads in a clear, logical, user-friendly manner. It aims to be as uncluttered as possible, bringing the essential tax planning considerations to the fore – and focuses on practicality and real-life scenarios rather than theoretical analysis. 

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What’s inside 

The first chapter rounds up the latest position on international developments, while the remaining 27 chapters cover specific steps in the natural business cycle, including: 

  • selling abroad or in the UK 
  • setting up a foreign or UK branch 
  • setting up a foreign or UK subsidiary 

Each step is analysed from both the UK and foreign tax viewpoint, with links and citations to the relevant UK legislation, summaries, commentary, and relevant foreign tax rules.  

Analysis concentrates on 20 key foreign jurisdictions: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA. 


Key features 

  • A succinct, readable writing style, with short paragraphs and uncluttered text 
  • Heavily illustrated with checklists, tables, examples and detailed case studies 
  • Practical information on foreign tax issues 
  • Summaries of legislation  
  • Advice on sensible tax planning techniques 
  • Ample references to the OECD BEPS project and the European ATAD  

About the author 

Allan Cinnamon is a well-known figure in international tax circles who has written widely. 

He specialised in international tax planning for more than 30 years with BDO, where he was the firm’s head of international tax and chairman of the BDO International Tax Committee.  

He continued work as an international tax consultant to the firm, advising clients on all aspects of cross-border planning, appraising new legislation on international issues, creating and running international tax training programmes, and writing articles for professional journals. 

Currently, he teaches and speaks on a wide range of international tax subjects, principally on cross border planning and tax treaties. He’s a visiting teacher at Queen Mary, University of London, and The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. 

He also writes a number of articles on international tax planning, including a regular series for Tax Journal (Fiscal Odyssey) and Tax Analysts/Tax Notes International (Letter from London), and a quarterly Tax Treaty Briefing for Croner-i.  

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