The Deloitte GAAP 2019 manuals are now available to buy from the Croner-i shop.

An established and trusted series, Deloitte manuals offer authoritative, up-to-date guidance on UK financial reporting requirements. They focus on presenting information in a clear and easy-to-understand way, with practical advice and plenty of illustrated examples. The legal and regulatory framework is covered, along with guidance on both UK GAAP and IFRS Standards.

The new 2019 editions provide everything you need for understanding financial reporting in the UK this year, whether you prepare, audit, or advise on accounts.

Updates in the latest manuals include:

  • the revised Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting
  • IFRS amendments and annual improvements
  • expected changes to the strategic report and directors’ report, including directors’ remuneration reporting for quoted companies
  • 2017 triennial review amendments to FRS 102 The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland
  • hedge accounting under IAS 39 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement

All titles in the series are available to buy as individual volumes, or together in sets as money-saving packs.

You can also get Deloitte guidance online via Croner-i Tax, Accounting, and Audit products.

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Deloitte GAAP 2019 manuals

Volume A: UK Reporting – Legal and regulatory framework

Detailed analysis and practical guidance on the legal and regulatory requirements for preparing annual reports and financial statements in the UK.

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Volume B: UK Reporting – FRS 102

A section-by-section analysis of FRS 102, with practical guidance on how to implement the standard and a wealth of worked examples.

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Volume C: UK Reporting – IFRS Standards Parts 1&2

A two-part volume explaining how to apply IFRS Standards for UK entities. Discussion and analysis is practical, and specific to the UK.

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Volume D: UK Reporting – IFRS 9 and related Standards

Explains the application of the new IFRS 9, with specific guidance for entities transitioning from IAS 39 and for first-time adopters of IFRS Standards.

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Volume E: UK Reporting – IAS 39 and related Standards

Guidance for the now-superseded IAS 39, relevant for entities such as UK insurers who have deferred adopting IFRS 9 and UK GAAP reporters choosing to apply IAS 39.

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Money-saving Deloitte GAAP packs

Deloitte UK Complete Pack

Contains the full range of Deloitte UK volumes, giving you all the guidance you need for both UK GAAP and IFRS Standards.

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Deloitte UK GAAP Pack

The full set of guidance for applying UK GAAP in the form of FRS 102.

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Deloitte UK IFRS Pack

Comprehensive guidance for preparing and auditing financial statements of UK companies that apply IFRS Standards or FRS 101.

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