Climate change pressure grows for businesses

Climate change is one of the biggest global topics currently being discussed in the media, with governments across the world being called to action by both climate scientists and the public.
And it’s fast becoming a concern for businesses worldwide, the UK being no exception.
With a transition to a low carbon economy top of the political agenda, and the profile of corporate sustainability growing steadily, pressure on businesses is increasing from multiple angles.
In fact, the FRC Financial Reporting Lab has just launched a new report: Climate-related corporate reporting, highlighting the gap between current reporting and investor expectations.
Making improving transparency in climate change reporting a must for many companies.

Climate change disclosures - the who’s, what’s & how’s

There’s a distinct opportunity in which firms can establish credibility with investors (and customers) while gaining a competitive advantage through actively managing their exposure to climate risk. Otherwise known as a climate change disclosure.
With investors seeking clearer reporting on climate-related issues and the government encouraging companies to be more transparent in their annual reports, a climate change disclosure can help to boost transparency in company reporting and ensure companies are complying with the latest climate change reporting requirements.
Therefore, information published in annual reports will continue to play a huge part in how organisations are seen to be transparent on climate change and sustainability issues.
And yet, understanding what’s required of your company when completing a climate change disclosure can be tricky, so how can you be seen to be as transparent on the subject as possible?

How are other organisations reporting on sustainability?

One way of gaining better clarity on how to improve your own company transparency on sustainability is by seeing how other companies are reporting on it.
That’s why we’ve put together 20 key examples of climate change disclosures for you to take a look at in our Climate Change Report.
This report has been created specifically for dealing with climate change and demonstrates how 20 UK listed companies actively manage their exposure to climate risk through a climate disclosure.
So, whether you need help complying with the various climate disclosure recommendations or want to ensure credibility with your stakeholders, this free download will help.
It includes guidance that will help you to demonstrate effective reporting tactics, make an informed decision and ensure credibility with your stakeholders.

Looking to increase your climate change transparency?

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