thumbnailAre you ready for Brexit?

The United Kingdom will leave the European Union on 31st October 2019, following the EU referendum, which took place on 23rd June 2016, whereby 52% (17.41 million) of UK voters chose to leave the EU.

Since the referendum took place, British exporters and importers have been in a state of uncertainty regarding what will happen next. So, what does Brexit mean for importers and exporters?

There’s no denying that if you import or export goods, or sell services to the EU, you need to get your business ready for Brexit. But what are the process landmarks, and where do you begin?

Croner-i’s Brexit Health Check is designed to support importers and exporters and provides an overview of the key questions you should be asking, helping you to get Brexit-ready.


Find out how you or your business should prepare…

We have prepared two Brexit Health Checks, helping import and export workers to combat the challenges and opportunities that Brexit is likely to create.

The health check takes just a few minutes to complete and helps to identify factors such as the duty rate that will apply after Brexit for import managers. And for export managers, the likes of Incoterms® used in contracts, and whether your export documentation is fit for purpose.


Preparing your business for Brexit

Our Brexit Health Check will allow you to determine where you stand, and whether you are Brexit-ready. Get your import health check and export health check here.

For further guidance on international trade, whether you require general compliance information or want to inform your broader trade strategy, Croner-i offer the UK’s best online International Trade tool – ensuring you can make decisions with all the facts to hand.

To find out more call 0333 250 2343 or see our products in action with an online demo.




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