In this time of uncertainty, have you got everything in place?


In the past three weeks, businesses have moved at maximum speed to restructure their offices and workspaces, with a definite prominence on remote working. 


Major tech employers Facebook, Google, and Twitter started the remote-working trend in relation to the coronavirus chaos earlier this month, and since then other employers, in a range of sectors, around the world have followed.  


For a lot of businesses, the outbreak of COVID-19 has meant staff working from home has become a necessity and more use of teleconferencing rather than face to face meetings.  


In terms of managing the impact of the novel coronavirus, we recommend that you develop and implement a 4-step action plan.  


Here’s what we advise…


1. Define (this should have been actioned already*)

Identify your main vulnerabilities:

  • Convene a meeting of senior decision makers to identify the main areas of potential impact for the business.  


2. Assess (today)

Understand how prepared you are:

  • Review any existing plans and check whether they are up to date. 
  • Begin drawing up business continuity and crisis management plans aimed at minimising impacts specific to a pandemic outbreak.  


3. Implement and change (this week) 

Make sure your plans will work:

  • Work with senior management to establish and embed response and recovery arrangements.  
  • Confirm that senior management understands its role and supports how the plan will be used.
  • Ensure you have a means to monitor the situation and know when to trigger any special recovery arrangements.  


4. Communicate and stay vigilant (throughout) 

Make sure your teams are kept informed:

  • Assign clear responsibilities for internal and external communications.  


*These are indicative timeframes and are adaptable as per the situation.  


The Croner-i team are here to help...

The impact of Coronavirus is both global and unpredictable, and as things continue to change, the Croner-i team aim to keep you updated with the latest business-critical information.  

For more information on managing your business and employees during this unpredictable time, why not sign up to our upcoming webinar...


Webinar - Coronavirus: how to manage your workforce

Date: Thursday, 19th March

Time: 12:30


The soon-to-launch webinar has been specifically designed for business owners and includes matters that require close attention at this challenging time.


What you'll learn...

Employment Law expert, Amanda Chadwick, will give practical advice on…


  • How to respond to the threat of Coronavirus in the workplace
  • Ensuring health and safety of employees
  • Entitlement to pay during self-isolation, sickness absence etc.
  • Temporary workplace closure
  • Issues around business travel
  • Redundancies (if necessary)
  • Plus, much more!


We hope you find it useful!


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