With constantly changing regulations, standards, and technology, keeping up with the finance world isn’t easy.  

That’s why Croner-i runs the Update for the Accountant in Industry and Commerce (AIC) – a two-day event to give your knowledge a boost and network with fellow professionals.  

AIC is held at various locations across the UK on dates throughout the year, so you can choose a time and place that suits you. 

At each event, leading expert speakers offer their thoughts and insights on the latest developments in accounting, tax, and governance. This year’s highlights include Telling a Balanced Story – the Alignment of Words & Figures and the all important Contract, Company and Commercial Law update and a Closer examination of fraud & cyber threats in 2019.  


Plus, attendance alone earns you 14 CPD hours – which you can boost to 31 hours with the new Complete package. 

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Locations and dates for 2019 are: 

  • Windsor – 14-15 May 
  • London – 10-11 July  
  • Bristol – 11-12 September 
  • Milton Keynes – 17-18 September 
  • Manchester – 24-25 September 
  • Oxford – 1-2 October 
  • Cambridge – 9-10 October 
  • Leeds – 23-24 October 
  • Southampton – 6-7 November 
  • Gatwick – 12-13 November 
  • Midlands – 20-21 November 
  • London – 4-5 December 

Speakers for 2019 are Amanda Chadwick, Paul Gee, Mark Owen, John Selwood, Ralph Tiffin, Neil Tipping, Colin Walker, Mark Wearden and Dr Stephen Hill.  

Bookings are now open via Croner-i, with two types of AIC package to choose from:  

  • AIC Essentials gives you a two-day training event at the location of your choice, 14 CPD hours plus a 12-months subscription to Accountancy Daily 
  • AIC Complete gives you a a two-day training event at the location of your choice, 31 CPD hours, 12 months of Accountancy Daily, and a year of Croner-i eCPD modules. 

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