John Selwood ACA explains root cause analysis (sometimes abbreviated to RCA), looking ahead to the new quality management standard that specifically requires the process to be performed.

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We'd love for you to join us for our upcoming webinar regarding the 2020 budget. Find out the benefits of attending in our latest post. Read more…

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It’s not often that payroll matters come to the front at Prime Minister’s Question Time (PMQs), but Coronavirus has changed all that... The Government has announced that SSP will be paid from the first day of the sickness virus. That...

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This year Croner-i will be exhibiting at Accountex – Europe’s biggest accountancy and finance conference and expo – taking place on 18-19 November 2020 at Excel, London. Find out more here...

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Need a guide on how to navigate zero-hour contracts? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve written this informative post to help answer commonly asked questions in the field of zero-hour contracts. 

Ever wondered what a zero-hours...

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2020 sees the relaunch of Accountants in Business (AIB), an exciting, interactive two-day event - that's now gone virtual - where a panel of industry-experts each share their subject specialism.



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Need practical advice on IR35? You’ve come to the right place! IR35 stands for ‘Inland Revenue Article 35’ but what exactly is it? Find out in our latest post, where we’ll be covering all the need-to-know information regarding IR35,...

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Answers to your question from webinar host, Martin Jackson For those of you who attended our recent tax webinar on IR35 ‘IR35: Changes for the Private Sector from April 2020’ with host Martin Jackson, we have the long-awaited answers...
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Presenteeism is the technical word for employees attending work when they’re not well enough – be it physically or mentally. Essentially, it’s the opposite of absenteeism.  

In recent years, levels of presenteeism have...