Croner-i has joined the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) as an Associate Member.

As a specialist provider in business support for tax, audit, accounting, human resources and health and safety, Croner-i helps companies comply with the law, achieve and maintain best practice, and operate more effectively for staff and clients alike.

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Katy Taylor

Need practical advice on IR35? You’ve come to the right place! IR35 stands for ‘Inland Revenue Article 35’ but what exactly is it? Find out in our latest post, where we’ll be covering all the need-to-know information regarding IR35,...

Katy Taylor
Answers to your question from webinar host, Martin Jackson For those of you who attended our recent tax webinar on IR35 ‘IR35: Changes for the Private Sector from April 2020’ with host Martin Jackson, we have the long-awaited answers...
Katy Taylor

Presenteeism is the technical word for employees attending work when they’re not well enough – be it physically or mentally. Essentially, it’s the opposite of absenteeism.  

In recent years, levels of presenteeism have...

Katy Taylor

Croner-i have just launched a tool that can ensure you're ready for your next CQC audit - our Care Inspection Audit Tool. Find out more in our latest post!

Katy Taylor

Christmas party season is here again – a time for employees to let their hair down and celebrate the successes of the year! Yet in some cases, there’s a fine line between staff enjoying themselves and getting carried away, particularly...

Fiona Condron BDO
In October 2019, the second edition Charities SORP (FRS 102) was released. It’s applicable to charities preparing their accounts in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard in the UK and Republic of Ireland.This edition...
a blog post about Black Friday
Katy Taylor

With only a few days to go, the countdown to Black Friday has well and truly commenced…

Being on the retailing ‘front line’ on Black Friday is no mean feat, after all it’s a tough industry to work for.

So, ahead of Friday...

Katy Taylor

Climate change is one of the biggest global topics currently being discussed in the media, with governments across the world being called to action by both climate scientists and the public. In our latest post, we discuss the challenge...