Recycling. It’s in our own hands… From naturalist Sir David Attenborough to activist Greta Thunberg; environmental concerns are at the forefront of our lives, inspiring us to make green living the new norm.And with Recycle Week 2019 just around the corner (23-29 September 2019), now couldn’t be a better time to do your bit for the greener, greater good.What’s more… if you’re looking to set up a recycling initiative within your workplace - we’re here to help!Why set up a recycling system?Most people want to recycle, it just takes a little nudge in the right direction. Afterall, recycling...
Kim Staples

Any finance pro knows that the world of tax is always changing. Take a look at our infographic, where we trace British tax back to its humble beginnings – in 589AD. 

Croner-i Staff

19-25 November is Alcohol Awareness Week – and with work Christmas parties just around the corner too, it’s a good time to think about your organisation’s alcohol policy.

Katharine Bagshaw

Two of the most important ISAs in any audit are ISA 315 on risk assessment and ISA 540 on the audit of estimates. In this blog, Katharine Bagshaw FCA takes an in-depth look at ISA 315. 

Stuart Chamberlain

With March 2019 rapidly approaching, Brexit is on everyone’s mind – and if you’re an employer or a HR professional, you may be wondering what it might mean for your employees. We sat down with Stuart Chamberlain, senior...

Kim Staples
7 November is National Stress Awareness Day – and since it’s a health and safety issue like any other, it’s a good time to consider your organisation’s approach to stress.   Taking action against stress has a ...
Bob Patchett
Christmas is a happy time, but beneath the jollity and goodwill lurk a few potential problems for the manager – and the HR department. Time, therefore, to consider how to prevent these difficulties or to deal with them...
Anne Cowley

Cryptocurrencies have existed for some years – but with the recent rise of their availability and use in payments, it’s time to consider how we should account for them. Anne Cowley ACA looks at the issue.

Kim Staples
The prospect of a no-deal Brexit is a particularly daunting one for any company that trades internationally.   Though the government calls it an ‘unlikely’ scenario, it says it’s still important to be prepared, and has...