From thinking about the new normal to making it work. As businesses step into the post-COVID future, it's important they find a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the new normal. Here we discuss three workplace scenarios and the steps you can take to help ensure the new normal works for you...

Kim Staples
We’re thrilled to announce that the business partnership between Croner and dot2dot – which includes a white label version of Croner-i Early Years – has been shortlisted for an Association Excellence Award 2018....
Kim Staples
If your company is restructuring or struggling financially, you may find that making redundancies is the only option – but it’s important that you go about it in the right way.That’s both to make sure it’s fair for your employees, and to...
Kim Staples
If you employ people, you need to get their employment status right. It’s vital for both your staff, who need access to the rights and benefits that reflect what they do, and your organisation itself, to avoid the hassle and possible...
Kim Staples
When firms reported their gender pay gap data this year, it showed up some quite shocking stats. An incredible 78% of organisations had pay gaps in favour of men – and for 13% of them, that gap was over 30%.It’s clear that there’s a...
Kim Staples
Healthier North-West London has released a guide to recognising signs of ill health in residents. It’s called, aptly, ‘Is my resident well?’Created by clinical lead Dr Asha Katwa and NHS staff, the guide encourages carers to ask themselves...
Kim Staples
The REACH deadline has only just, well, reached us – but it’s only a few months now until the UK leaves the EU, and the regulation may not even apply to us any more.So what will that mean for companies that handle large amounts of...
Kim Staples
The Health and Safety Executive has released its latest report into work-related fatal injuries, with provisional data for 2017/18.Sadly, the headline figure has increased: there were 144 fatalities this year, up from 135 in 2016/17.In...
Online VAT filing
Croner-i Staff

From April 2019, all businesses registered for VAT will have to maintain digital records