From thinking about the new normal to making it work. As businesses step into the post-COVID future, it's important they find a balance between what worked before and what needs to happen to succeed in the new normal. Here we discuss three workplace scenarios and the steps you can take to help ensure the new normal works for you...

US steel tariffs
Croner-i Staff

US Tariffs on steel and aluminium could cost UK £125m a year

employment status
Croner-i Staff

The continued growth in demand for labour seems set to lead to a further tightening of the UK labour market...

Amy Austin

What kind of Brexit is the UK heading for, with two cabinet resignations in one day. 

Sara White

The government is clamping down on abuse of rent-a-room relief with new rules on shared occupancy...

Croner-i Staff

A proposed global treaty to address violence and harassment in the workplace has been supported by the CBI.

Croner-i Staff

The late payments crisis and poor payment practices will only end when there is a fundamental cultural shift... 

Skilled staff redundancy
Croner-i Staff

Acas advises employers considering laying off skilled and experience staff to reduce overheads to consider alternatives... 

Croner-i Staff
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