Publication Date: 
Friday, May 31, 2019

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A clear and concise commentary covering all UK taxes written by a strong team of authors with extensive practical experience.

The British Master Tax Guide provides straightforward and easy-to-follow commentary on all UK taxes in one book. The structure has recently been overhauled to make it even easier to locate the material required. 

The focus is on understanding practical implications rather than theoretical concepts. So numerous worked examples are included.

To aid further research extensive cross-references are provided to legislation, cases, HMRC guidance and to the in-depth commentary in Croner-i's Direct Tax ReporterIndirect Tax Reporter and Stamp Taxes Reporter.

The 2019-20 edition is fully updated for the Finance Act 2019 and other changes to 28 February 2019. Coverage of Brexit-related material is provided.

Key features:

  • Leading team of authors
  • Simple structure and uncluttered text make it quicker and easier to locate and understand
  • Includes commentary on all significant new legislation and tax cases
  • Extensive use of worked examples
  • Focus on the current tax year to aid clarity
  • A "What's New?" section highlights key recent changes
  • Tables of key tax data included
  • Key points provided for each chapter 
  • Detailed topic index, legislation finding list and case table