CCH Corporate Library

The ultimate CCH package and the most comprehensive selection of CCH tax and accountancy content available online for the corporate user. Contains all the content from Wolters Kluwer's range of tax and financial reporting packages with additional unique content. CCH Corporate Library provides a cost-effective and user-friendly route to accurate, quickly accessible information and expert guidance. It is a complete corporate solution for the in-house team that works in-depth across the full breadth of tax and accounting.

CCH Corporate Library includes the following:

Tax In-Depth

  • Tax Reporter - Indexes, Basis of the Tax System, Management of Taxes, Scheme of Income Tax, Income Tax - Residence, Domicile and the Remittance Basis, Taxable Persons For Income Tax, Income Tax - Rates and Liability, Income Tax - Personal Reliefs, Income Tax - Business Profits, Income Tax - Property Income, Income Tax - Other Investment Income, Income Tax - Earnings, Income Tax - Share Related Income and Exemptions, Pensions Tax Regime, Apprenticeship Levy, National Insurance Contributions, Tax Credits, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Valuation, Scheme of Corporation Tax, Company Tax - Company Residence, Company Tax - Rates, Company Tax - Trading Income, Company Tax - Property Income, Company Tax - Investment Business, Company Tax - Loan Relationships, Company Tax - Foreign Exchange and Derivatives, Company Tax - Research and Development Relief, Company Tax - Patent Box, Company Tax - Creative Industry Reliefs, Company Tax - Other Reliefs, Company Tax - Losses, Company Tax - Distributions, Company Tax - Chargeable Gains, Company Tax - Close Companies, Company Tax - Intangible Fixed Assets, Company Tax - Groups and Consortia, Company Tax - Reconstructions, Company Tax - Controlled Foreign Companies, Company Tax - Anti-Avoidance, Company Tax - Special Companies and Activities, Capital Allowances, Equipment Leasing, Double Taxation, Transfer Pricing, Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings, Partnerships, Trusts and Settlements, Estates, Charities.
  • Indirect Tax Reporter - Indexes, Scheme of VAT, Supply, Output Tax, Input Tax, Partial Exemption, Capital Goods Scheme, Zero-Rating (VATA 1994, Schedule 8), Exemption (VATA 1994, Schedule 9), Reduced-Rating (VATA 1994, Schedule 7a), Land, Construction and Property, Finance and Insurance, Registration, De-Registration, Retailers, Second-Hand Schemes, Business Promotion Schemes, Charities, Local Authorities and Similar Bodies, Special Circumstances and Classes of Persons, Records and Payments, Assessments and Enforcement, Disputes and Appeals, Cross-Border Transactions, Checklists, Forms, Environmental Taxes, Insurance Premium Tax, Customs and Excise Duties.

Tax Expert Analysis

  • Schwarz on Tax Treaties

Tax General Commentary

  • Income Tax Guide
  • Corporation Tax Guide
  • VAT Guide
  • National Insurance Contributions Guide

Tax Guidance

  • Tax Workflow
  • Tax Planning:
    • Business
    • Individuals
    • General
  • VAT Planning
  • Practical Corporate Tax
  • Practical Benefits and Expenses
  • Tax on Property

Tax International

  • European VAT library – Standard
  • Worldwide Business Tax Guide
  • International Tax Planning – Expatriates & Migrants
  • Intertax (including EC Tax Review)


  • Live News
  • Finance Bill Tracker
  • Tax News
  • CCH Daily

Tax Legislation and Treaties

  • Red Tax Legislation: Current:
    • Income, corporation and capital gains taxes
    • National insurance contributions
    • Tax credits
    • Inheritance tax
    • Petroleum revenue tax
    • Stamp taxes
  • Green Tax Legislation: Current:
    • VAT
  • Purple Tax Legislation: Current:
    • Customs & Excise Duties
  • Red & Green Tax Legislation: Archive - 1997- 2016
    • UK Double Tax Treaties

Tax – Key Data


  • Tax Cases: Topic indexes, Case tables, Tax court cases, Upper tribunal, First-tier tribunal, Special commissioners decisions
  • VAT Cases: Topic indexes, Case tables, VAT court cases, Upper tribunal, First-tier tribunal, VAT tribunal decisions
  • Corporation Tax cases
  • Stamp Duty Cases

HMRC Manuals

  • ​HMRC Tax Manuals
  • HMRC VAT Manuals
  • HMRC Customs & Excise Manuals

Financial Reporting

  • A Practical Guide to the Companies Act
  • Navigating the Changes to Financial Reporting
  • Applying GAAP
  • Example Consolidated Financial Statements: International Financial Reporting Standards
  • The Road to IFRS A Practical Guide to IFRS1 & First-Time Adoption
  • Preparing IFRS Accounts
  • Accountants Digest
  • Companies Legislation
  • Interactive Company Accounts Disclosure Checklist

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