Publication Date: 
Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Sharon McKie and Simon McKie

McKie on Statutory Residence is a comprehensive examination of the statutory test of residence. The authors explain its multiple complexities of construction and their practical implications. In doing so they are careful to distinguish the law from HMRC's summaries of the law.

The title includes all of the statutory and non-statutory materials which are relevant to the SRT and the authors comment in detail on HMRC's guidance and consider the extent to which, where it takes a view of the law advantageous to the taxpayer, it may be relied upon. A number of practical checklists and flowcharts are included.

The complexities of the test can be explained and appreciated only by reference to realistic examples and the authors include almost 100 detailed examples teasing out its many anomalies and traps for the unwary.

This edition updated for changes including the Scottish residence test and the impact of changes to domicile rules.

About the Author

Sharon and Simon McKie are both partners in McKie & Co (Advisory Services) LLP which won the Tax Consultancy Team Award in the Taxation Awards 2012. They provide tax advice on all tax matters which affect the private client. This includes advising clients with an overseas connection, clients wishing to live abroad, clients based overseas with some UK connection, clients wishing to invest in the UK and non-UK domiciled clients.

They both sit on various professional committees, including committees of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, which have been consulted by the Government over a number of years on the design of the new test.

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