Publication Date: 
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This title is available on repeat order.  Find out how you can save 10% on your annual books.

The Planning Tax Pack is structured to provide guidance in a highly focused and practical way.

Organised by transaction, and covering all the key issues that arise in the UK, the tax planning books provide expert guidance on tax and VAT law and practice.

Packed with ideas for keeping tax liabilities to a minimum, and complete with worked examples and a full exploration of potential pitfalls, these books deal with the everyday problems you face when planning for business and personal taxes and VAT.  Planning points and warning alerts make the text highly accessible.

Each book contains cross references to relevant legislation, cases, HMRC guidance and extra statutory materials. 


  • Tax Planning - Business 2018-19
  • Tax Planning - Individuals 2018-19
  • VAT Planning 2018-19

This pack saves approx. 20% over the cost of buying the volumes separately.