Quality business information is what Croner-i does best. Our online service is a trusted source of guidance for thousands of companies, with everything in a single, easy-to-use portal.

Croner-i Environment-inform has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that must comply with environmental regulations and laws, and those who wish to be environmentally friendly. Whether you’re looking for general information, detailed regulatory guidance, or want to inform your long-term sustainability plan, Croner-i Environment should be the first thing you turn to.

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Croner-i Environment-inform is the ultimate information service to help you understand your organisation’s environmental responsibilities. Extensive guides and tools let you discover the best ways to ‘get green’, achieve and maintain environmentally sustainable practices, and record your activities for reporting and auditing purposes.

Features include a complete ISO 14001 toolkit, and in-depth guides on over 100 topics. Model policy documents help you build a strategy for your company, and regular news keeps you up to date.

Covering everything from energy to waste management, this is an essential package for any business that wants to achieve and maintain compliance, reduce its carbon footprint, operate in the greenest way possible, and keep its local environment safe.

Why Croner-i?

Easy to use

Croner-i is packed with functionalities that make finding, using, and saving the environmental information you need intuitive and simple. Guidance is easy to digest, navigation is intuitive, and everything you need to be environmentally compliant can now be located in one place.


Every single guide, tool, and resource in Croner-i is regularly updated, so you can be sure the information you’re using is correct and relevant. Plus, regular news and weekly e-alerts keep you in the loop with the ever-changing regulations associated with environmental compliance and best practice.

Extra support

This isn’t just an online service – a subscription to Croner-i also provides access to our helpline for more advice. Experienced advisors are on hand 9am-5pm to help answer more complex queries.

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Keep your organisation compliant

Croner-i Environment-inform gives you access to all the rules and regulations on chemicals, pollution, waste, and environmental management in your industry, so you know you’re operating legally. We even offer specific resources for following ISO 14001 and other EMS standards.

Easy-to-digest guidance in plain English shows you how to put it all into action, and our legislation tracker keeps you up to date with changes. With the right compliance information to hand, you can make better decisions and create or improve policies in your organisation more quickly.

Develop your sustainability strategy

Long-term environmental friendliness couldn't be more important. Croner-i gives you all the materials and information you need for creating a continuous, ongoing sustainability strategy which will help you future-proof your business and improve the stability and future prospects of the markets and industries you operate in.

Keep abreast of all the latest rules before they come into play, get insights from our team of experts, and learn how to keep your organisation green in the long term. We’ll help you lead change and build a smart strategy that works.

Educate your staff

Croner-i Environment-inform is designed with your whole company in mind. Easy-to-read guides give you and all your staff practical advice, while custom annotations, tags, and folders let you share the most important resources with your colleagues.

Plus, with our inclusive training presentations, coaching employees on your organisation’s environmental policies is a breeze. It’s everything you need to build a culture of sustainability throughout your business.