Croner-i eCPD

Croner-i is the new name for CCH Information in the UK. Our accounting information has been a trusted source of guidance for tax and accounting professionals for decades, and today we offer it all in a single, easy-to-use online portal.

Our eCPD courses are designed for the continuing professional development of accountants, auditors, and tax professionals, all verifiable and recognised by the main UK accounting bodies.  

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Croner-i eCPD offers training materials designed for your accountancy CPD. Recognised by all the main UK accounting bodies, it contains 24 hours of verifiable CPD material per year, with a 12-month back catalogue and new modules added every month.

In a range of interactive lectures, leading tax and accounting experts share knowledge and thoughts on everything from Spring Statements, company tax, IFRS and UK GAAP updates, and much more. Each module comes complete with downloadable course notes and a quiz, while an automatic progress tracker logs your development.

Available online 24/7, this is a quality, flexible CPD solution that lets you learn from top professionals when and where you want to.

Why Croner-i?

Easy to use

Croner-i is packed with functionalities that make using our eCPD courses intuitive and simple. Navigation is straightforward, information is easy to digest, and full PDF course notes are available.

Record your progress

Automatically record which modules you’ve taken, how far through you are, and how much time you’ve spent learning overall. Just download your progress report to submit it as CPD evidence.

24 verifiable hours

A subscription to Croner-i eCPD gives you two new hours of verifiable learning material every month, totalling 24 hours per year. That’s more than enough to hit most accountancy bodies’ verifiable targets.

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Learn in your own time

Train whenever and wherever you want. With courses available online 24/7 and accessible from anywhere – including via your smartphone or tablet – Croner-i lets you learn at your own pace. Courses can even be downloaded to your device, ready to take later.

Whether you’re in the office, at home at the weekend, or even working abroad, you can build up your CPD hours in a time frame that suits you.

Keep your knowledge current

With our service, leading experts share their knowledge on the most up-to-date tax, accounting, and audit topics that are relevant right now. Nothing in our eCPD portal is more than 12 months old, so you can be certain that everything you’re learning is up-to-the-minute.

Develop your skills, upgrade your expertise, and be confident that you’re working to the current best standards.

Practical and usable

Covering the latest important topics in tax, audit, and accounting, Croner-i isn’t just a way to log CPD hours – it gives you usable advice and information relevant today.

Up to eight new modules are available each month, on subjects including tax case updates, preparing specialised accounts, strategic financial thinking, and more. With the latest knowledge behind you, you can work more efficiently and give better financial advice.