Croner-i global tax products

Croner-i is the new name for CCH Information in the UK. Our tax and accounting information has been a trusted source of guidance for professionals for decades, and today we offer it all in a single, easy-to-use online portal.

Our global tax product is available in four different versions to suit your needs, whether you’re a tax generalist or a specialist.

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International Tax Essentials

International Tax Essentials gives you insight into the fundamentals for dealing with tax around the world. Instant access to business tax guides, treaties, and global tax news make this an ideal solution for anyone who needs to address international tax queries day-to-day.

Expert commentaries provide invaluable insight into what UK corporations and their advisors need to know about worldwide tax, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Plus, daily email updates provide a reliable source of fresh developments in this constantly changing global regime.

International Tax Complete

International Tax Complete is the ultimate online resource for worldwide tax information. It covers all the vital info that international tax professionals need, supported with expert commentary and analysis.

In addition to the content available in the Essentials version, the Complete package also includes resources for highly complex and specialist areas, including global transfer pricing and VAT libraries. It’s perfect for tax specialists and finance managers who want to give the best advice and keep abreast of the latest changes.

Global Tax Essentials

Global Tax Essentials is a bundle package with the key resources for anyone covering both international and UK tax. Grouped together in a simple, neat reference point, all your tax information is in one place, whether you need guidance for home or abroad.

As well as a worldwide business tax guide, treaties, and daily global tax news, you’ll also get resources on all things UK tax - from cases and legislation, to data, to expert commentary.

Global Tax Complete

Global Tax Complete gives you absolutely everything you need for dealing with tax both internationally and in the UK, in a single comprehensive service. It covers data, legislation and treaties, expert insights, and more.

With an extensive catalogue of resources for international tax, including global transfer pricing libraries and worldwide corporation tax rates, this is the ultimate online service for advisors who want to support tax planning for multinational companies and avoid pitfalls.

Why Croner-i?

Easy to use

Croner-i is packed with functionalities that make finding, using, and saving the tax information you need intuitive and simple. Guidance and analysis is easy to digest, navigation is intuitive, and our unique Statute Finder locates legal sources instantly.

Everything in one place

All the information you need sits together in one comprehensive portal. Legislation, data, experts’ commentaries, and daily tax updates are only a click away.

Extra support

This isn’t just an online service – a subscription to Croner-i also provides access to our helpline for more advice. Experienced advisors are on hand 9am-5pm to help answer your technical queries.

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Keep your expertise up to date

Every single guide, commentary, and resource in Croner-i is kept updated throughout the day, so you can be assured the information you’re reading is correct and relevant every time. Plus, get daily email alerts on what’s new and what’s on the horizon.

In the interest of keeping your knowledge current, we’ve even included a reading tracker so your research and learning counts towards your CPD.

Make decisions with confidence

All our tax resources are accurate and regularly reviewed by our team of experts, and we have decades of experience advising on tax and associated trade issues.

With Croner-i at your back, you can work with the assurance that your information is correct and compliant, and you can make decisions and give guidance confidently.  

Give better advice – faster

With all the international tax information you need right at your fingertips – along with an intuitive search function and content tagging system – finding, interpreting and using tax information is a breeze. It takes only an instant to track down what you need, so it won’t disrupt your work.

That means less time finding information, and more time advising your clients or company and putting plans into action.