Navigate Tax


A new, practical approach to tax advice for accountants and tax advisors

Navigate Tax does things tax software can't.

  • 50+ modules included
  • Based around real-life individual and business tax situations
  • Practical tools such as mindmaps, calculators, decision trees, good practice guides, factsheets and template letters and forms
  • Structured workflows solutions

What is Navigate Tax?

A single, interactive online resource for understanding tax transactions

It’s next to impossible to keep up-to-date with every single area of tax. In such a broad field, not many professionals know the best practice for every situation – and they risk giving their clients bad advice, or losing out on income by passing them over to a specialist.

That’s where Navigate Tax comes in.

Across a range of modules based around real scenarios, it helps you tackle tax queries in minutes. Practical guidance, how-to info, and a spread of interactive tools work together to help you understand, solve, and advise on just about any tax query – with no need to pore over big databases and libraries.

How Navigate Tax Works

1. Select the module for your scenario

Choose from 50+ modules covering a range of real-life scenarios, such as setting up a business or transferring wealth.

2. Get the information you need

Understand the rules, identify opportunities, and know the pitfalls straight away – without trawling through complex legislation.

3. Work through practical steps

Use the mindmaps, decision trees, calculators, worked examples, and factsheets to help you work through the scenario.

4. Advise your clients with confidence

Be armed with the knowledge you need to help your clients, and the confidence that you’re giving them the right advice.

What’s inside

More than 50 modules are included, covering the following areas:

Modules for Business

  • Starting out in business
  • Minimising taxable profits
  • Utilising tax losses
  • Changing the way the business operates
  • Changing the way the business is owned or structured
  • Closing or disposing of the business

Modules for Individuals

  • Changes in personal circumstances
  • International issues
  • Transferring wealth
  • Employment related issues
  • Minimising tax liabilities
  • Savings and investments
  • Real estate

…and the tools make the difference


Help you visualise tax issues and processes at a glance, and link you to the resources you need straight away


let you instantly work out tax values across a wide range of transactions so you can give your clients a response right away

Decision trees

use a simple Q&A format to lead you to quick answers in an instant

Good practice guides

help ensure you and your client follow the rules and processes around tax issues correctly


give you an aide-memoire, or offer your clients insight and understanding into their issue

Standard letters

streamline your admin work and improve your turnaround times

Find out more

Download a product brochure, watch a short video, or speak to an expert to learn more about Navigate Tax.

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