Navigate Tax

Croner-i has been a trusted source of guidance for tax and accounting professionals for decades, and today we offer it all in a single, easy-to-use online portal.

Navigate Tax is our interactive tool designed to give clear guidance and streamline your tax advice work, whether you’re a generalist or a specialist. Available soon. 

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Navigate Tax

Full of practical, interactive tools, Navigate Tax is a modern system to help you quickly get to grips with best practice.

With almost 50 modules based around real-life scenarios, covering everything from setting up a business to making pension contributions, Navigate Tax instantly gives you the resources you need to advise on all kinds of transactions.

Alongside succinct commentary, it uses elements like mindmaps, decision trees, flowcharts, calculators, examples, factsheets, and even handouts for clients, to help you quickly understand the tax implications of a transaction for both individuals and businesses. It gives you expert guidance to identify opportunities and pitfalls straight away – without the need to spend hours reading complex statutes. Instead, Navigate Tax works the way you think.

The modules even link to extra commentaries and source materials within Croner-i, such as the Red and Green legislation. 

Navigate Tax will be available soon. To find out more, or discuss package options, contact our team. 

Why Croner-i?

Easy to use

Navigate Tax is designed to make finding the tax information you need intuitive and simple. Based around real situations and featuring handy tools, it only takes a moment to find the right guidance.

Practical and hands-on

Easy-to-use tools help you tackle all areas of tax, from calculators to template letters to ready-made factsheets, along with guidance on how to interpret the legislation.

Everything in one place

All the information you need sits together in one comprehensive portal. Data, commentary, and templates are only a click away, and it’s integrated with resources in your other Croner-i tax products too. 

Make decisions with confidence

A huge range of areas are covered in Navigate Tax, with expert-written guidance and information that you can put to use straight away. All our resources are accurate and regularly reviewed by our team, who have decades of experience advising on tax.

With Croner-i at your back, you can work with the assurance that your info is correct and compliant. You can make decisions and give guidance confidently – even for tax areas outside of your expertise.

Give better advice – faster

With all the tax information you need right at your fingertips – via interactive tools like decision trees and factsheets – finding, interpreting, and using tax information is a breeze. It takes only an instant to find what you need. And because it’s all created by experts, you can be sure you’ve got everything covered.

That means less time researching, and more time advising your clients or company and putting plans into action.

Relevant and up-to-date

Because Navigate Tax is based around real situations, each section gives you exactly the right information you need – and nothing more. All the most vital guidance is curated specially, ensuring you have everything you need to handle each specific problem.

Plus, all Croner-i guides, resources, and commentary are updated regularly to reflect any changes as they occur. The information you read will be correct and relevant every time.