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Our wide range of research and publications combine accurate, up to the minute information with expert analysis and incisive commentary, all written with as much attention to clarity as accuracy.


Even an expert sometimes needs expert advice, a second opinion or a sounding board. Who can you ask for a definitive answer when the pressure is on?

Every day, thousands of tax and accounting professionals turn to Croner-i products. 

Croner-i Tax & Accounting is one of the world’s largest providers of tax, accounting, and audit information, solutions, and services. Our Croner-i brand is the only global provider focusing exclusively on tax, audit and accounting, which gives you the reassurance that you will always have access to the latest and most authoritative information available. Our deep domain experience covers all aspects of tax and accounting, so you can be sure that we’ve considered every angle.

After all, you can read the original regulations for yourself – our job is to help you apply them correctly.

Our leading online information services offer innovative solutions to help streamline your workflow and research providing you with all the tools you need for effective tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, or auditing. So whether it’s understanding the latest tax legislation, dealing with new accounting standards or getting to grips with corporate finance, you can trust our online reference services, books, magazines, training, and telephone tax & VAT advice lines to keep you fully informed and at the top of your game.

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