See the range of resources and tutorials available from Croner-i to help you get the most out of your service. 

How to log in to Croner-i

Learn how to log on to your Croner-i portal using your email address, and find out what to do if you forget your login information.

How to create folders and manage their contents

Learn how to use folders in Croner-i to organise your workspace, including creating folders, adding content, managing them, and finding them later.

How to use the search function

Learn how to use the search function in Croner-i to find the information you need, and discover some hints and tips to help you narrow down your search and explore the content.

How to make annotations and highlights

Learn how to make annotations, highlight text, and add comments and notes to your content in Croner-i, and find your annotations later.

How to use Croner-i topics

Learn how to use the topics in Croner-i to navigate through all the content, guides, information, and tools in your service.

How to use the Croner-i Legal Register 

Learn how to use the Croner-i Legal Register tool to keep track of all the health & safety regulations that apply to your company. This tutorial takes you through what the Legal Register is, how to set up your own custom registers, and keeping track of your compliance.

How to use the country information in Croner-i International Trade

Learn how to use your Croner-i country information tool to find international trade info, import and export guidance, market research, and more for more than 180 locations.

How to use the chemical database in Croner-i Hazardous Substances

Learn how to search and use the Croner-i chemical database to find in-depth information on chemicals and hazardous substances.