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We provide products for a wide range of roles and industries. Find out more about how Croner-i supports accountants, tax specialists, HR managers, HSE officers and many other professionals working in firms and businesses, big and small.

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For accountants in practice

From large firms to specialist advisors, thousands of accountants turn to Croner-i for knowledge, commentary, and tools to assist with financial reporting. 

For tax advisors

With expert commentary, a statute finder, and up-to-the-minute information, our tax products give tax advisors everything they need to understand tax.

For in-house tax professionals

Croner-i tax products cover all the resources an in-house professional needs, including tax workflow tools, commentary, and full texts of legislation for UK and international tax.

For students

Discover our range of books, publications, and resources designed to help tax and accounting students with their studies, including full texts of legislation.

For health & safety professionals

Our health & safety products cover a wide range of industries and specialisms, such as construction, hazardous substances, and the environment, ideal for any health & safety advisor or manager.

For HR professionals

Thousands of human resources professionals turn to Croner-i for practical guidance, model policies, templates, and tools to create and maintain world-class HR teams.

For small business owners

Whatever your industry, Croner-i offers concise packages of all the necessary guidance, tools, and other resources to help a small or medium business grow.

Why Croner-i?

Croner-i combines knowledge with practicality to provide you with guidance and best practice you can put into action straight away.


Our information is written by people who really know their stuff. They have the experience and knowledge to provide the insights you need to understand the real implications of legislative and regulatory change in your industry.


Croner-i is so much more than a source of guidance. Our products contain a wealth of practical tools that make our information actionable. Download ready-to-use templates, letters and forms, and use checklists, toolkits, and workflow apps for accurate results and detailed reports.


Our customers rely on us to provide the latest information on any issue related to their role. We constantly check and update our content, so you can trust the veracity of our service.


We listen to our customers to ensure Croner-i delivers the information they need, in the way they need it. Our platform is constantly improving, adding functionalities, and enhancing the way they find information and use our resources in their work.