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Croner-i is a trusted source of online guidance on accounting standards and compliance for thousands of accountants.

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We understand accountancy...

Croner-i has been providing expert advice and guidance to accounting professionals for more than 100 years. Our success is built upon the insight we have gathered from our customers, and we have developed our platform over time to meet their needs.

With Croner-i, accountants get access to our online portal, with expert knowledge and commentary, full guidance, and time-saving tools – along with access to our helpline for more complex queries.

Accountants want their workflow to be as efficient as possible.
  • Croner-i streamlines your work by putting everything in one place, and our intuitive navigation and custom tags and folders means you can find the resources you need quickly 
With ever-changing legislation and standards, accounts must stay up-to-date with the industry.
  • Croner-i is regularly updated to reflect current standards, while news from Accountancy Daily and weekly emails alert you to new changes – and your reading counts towards your CPD
As well as managing accounts, practices want to give their clients great financial advice.
  • Croner-i gives you all the information you need to understand accounting, from full legislation to Deloitte texts, plus our Business Focus section for insight into selected industries
Above all, accounting practices need to maintain an excellent reputation.
  • With Croner-i, you have all the tools you need to work efficiently, give good advice, and provide your clients with the best possible service

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Financial Reporting

Whether you’re preparing GAAP or IFRS accounts, our financial reporting products ensure you can apply best practice and benchmark your processes against the world’s leading companies.

Sole Practitioner Essentials

This dedicated package for sole accounting practitioners, who don’t have the backing of a large firm, covers all the tools, resources, and information you need to support your work.

Small Practice Essentials

Our Small Practice package collates source materials, commentary, tools, and in-depth resources designed to assist small accounting firms, all in one platform.

Navigate Tax

Our hands-on system designed to give clear guidance and streamline tax advice work, featuring interactive tools like mindmaps, calculators, factsheets, and more. 

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