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Croner-i is the trusted source of online guidance on education and early years care for thousands of teachers and early years providers.

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We understand education...

Croner-i has been providing expert advice and guidance to organisations for more than 70 years. Our success is built upon the insight we have gathered from our customers, and we have developed our platform over time to meet their needs.

With Croner-i, educators, teachers, and early years providers have access to our online portal. It comes complete with expert knowledge and insight, Ofsted and ISI guidance, and time-saving tools – along with calls to our helpline for more complex queries.

Provide the best possible education and care for your pupils.
  • Croner-i offers in-depth guides from experts in education and childcare – covering everything from child development, working with parents, managing staff, and more
Get an outstanding inspection rating.
  • Croner-i includes guidance on meeting Ofsted and ISI standards, and a range of tools to help you get everything up to standard, implement smart policies, and leave the right paper trail
Save time and cut down on admin tasks.
  • Croner-i gives you a range of time-saving tools – such as model policies, document templates, and employment calculators – and intuitive navigation makes it quick and easy to find the information you need, when you need it 
Stay up-to-date with the latest education news and developments.
  • Croner-i is updated regularly, while weekly e-alerts keep you in the loop with what’s new, and news and feature articles inform you on the latest hot topics

See what our customers say

Our customers trust Croner-i. From early years providers to secondary educators, our online service is the first thing they turn to.

“Croner-i helps us to adopt and understand the procedures we must have in place, and then adapt and tailor them to our needs. I find a high degree of confidence in Croner-i in terms of legal aspects… I would describe it as highly relevant, timely, and accurate.”

- Tony Smith, Headteacher, Priory School

“Croner-i Education is good value for money that provides reassuring 24/7 support and great insights into the current world of education. It is an important reference point and an encyclopaedia for legal guidance in schools. I would highly recommend.”

- Neil Wilkinson, Executive Headteacher, Bemrose School

“Croner-i gives us confidence when we go into an inspection that from a paperwork perspective we have absolutely every policy that we need. We have tried other platforms alongside Croner-i and they have fallen by the wayside... The Croner-i platform is responsive, accurate, and applicable. It’s what makes sure we get outstanding.” 

- Luchie Caywood, CEO, Eaton House Group of Schools

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Covering primary, secondary, and independent schools, Croner-i offers the guidance and insight educational organisations need to meet and exceed Ofsted or ISI requirements.

Early Years

Croner-i Early Years contains guides, expert advice, and tools for any organisation that takes care of young children or provides pre-school education.

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