Why small businesses use Croner-i

Croner-i is the trusted source of online guidance for thousands of small and medium businesses across all industries.

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We understand small business...

Croner-i has been providing expert advice and guidance to businesses for more than 100 years. Our success is built upon the insight we have gathered from our customers, and we’ve developed our platform over time to meet their needs.

With Croner-i, small businesses get access to our online portal, with expert knowledge and articles, data, and time-saving tools – along with calls to our helpline for more complex queries.

Small business owners work hard and are often strapped for time.
  • We built Croner-i around efficiency – it’s quick and easy to find the information you need, while tools like our employment calculators, model documents, and risk assessment save you time
SMEs need to make sure they comply with all the same laws and regulations as larger companies.
  • Croner-i contains all the resources you need for compliance, covering health & safety, employment law, tax data, and more; plus our legislation tracker keeps you in the loop with upcoming changes
Owners and managers in small and medium businesses need to wear many hats at once.
  • Croner-i has information to help you out with just about everything, including employment, staff management, safety, business finance, marketing, and much more
Many SMEs need to compete with large companies – without the same backing and resources.
  • Croner-i offers detailed guidance from leading business experts, calls to our advice line, and tools to help you along – all at a fraction of the cost of hiring external advisors

Our customers trust Croner-i

From all industries and sectors, our online service is the first thing they turn to.

“We’ve got the same legal framework to work within as companies who employ 100,000 people – but there’s only me. Croner-i keeps us in touch with what’s changing… It’s the only broad brush update that covers a whole load of stuff.”

- Colin Pratt, Technical Director, Advanced Engineering Ltd

“Croner-i is an excellent service. We require up-to-date policies and you deliver. The information received is very helpful, it’s great value for money and easy to use.”

- Angela Shefford, Operations Manager, Beamish Residential Care Home

“I have had the pleasure of using the Croner-i system for a number of years in two applications. During this time I have found the system and its many features first class and the information and resources contained on the website to be excellent.”

- Darren Corke, Derwent Living

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Whatever your industry, Croner-i offers concise packages of all the necessary guidance, tools, and other resources to help a small or medium business grow.

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Thousands of human resources professionals turn to Croner-i for practical guidance, model policies, templates and tools to create and maintain world-class HR teams.

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Our health & safety products cover a wide range of industries and specialisms, ideal for anyone responsible for health & safety compliance.

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