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Croner-i is a trusted source of guidance on tax and accounting for thousands of professionals and students.

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We understand tax and accounting...

Croner-i has been providing expert advice and guidance to accounting and tax professionals for more than 70 years.

For students, we have a range of books and publications to help you with your studies. From rates tables to accounting standards, you’ll have all the resources you need to understand tax, accounting, or audit – as well as the analysis and commentary to guide you through it.

Easy to read and understand.
  • All Croner-i resources are written in plain English with clear language, and straightforward layouts and intuitive indexing make them easy to work with
Packed with expert commentary.
  • Our experts offer in-depth technical commentary to help you interpret complex standards and put them into practice – including niche areas like micro company or charity accounts
All the official standards and guidance.
  • Get the complete and official FRC financial reporting standards, guidance from ICAEW and Deloitte, full ISAs for the UK, and more, with expert-written analysis to explain it all 
Fully indexed and cross-referenced.
  • Finding the information you need couldn’t be easier, thanks to a detailed indexing system, simple cross-referencing, and handy footnotes

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Croner-i shop

The Croner-i shop is where you’ll find all the tax, accounting, and audit publications available from Croner-i – including the Red, Green, and Purple Books.

Croner-i Library

Our Library is an online package of vital accounting, tax, and audit books, including commentary on all kinds of tax, plus British Tax Guides, Schwarz, Deloitte packs, and more.