Croner-i Tax, Accounting, and Audit products

With content libraries full of expert guides, source materials, and up-to-the-minute information, Croner-i gives you all the guidance you need as a tax, accounting, or audit professional.

Based in a simple online platform, you have access to all your resources in one place. Legislation, standards, commentary, and interactive tools are just a click away.

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Sole Practitioner

Our dedicated packages for sole accountants contain all the tools, resources, and information you need to support your work.

Small Firm

Created for small practices, Croner-i Small Firm gives you source materials, expert guidance, accounting tools, and more.

Mid Tier Firm

Croner-i Mid Tier Firm gives medium-sized accounting practices the support they need – from commentary to interactive tools.

Large Firm

Our Large Firm packages cover the wide variety of issues that big practices need to deal with, across financial reporting, audit, and tax.

Corporate Tax

An online library of resources for those who work in-house with corporate and business taxes, for both UK and international companies.


See the range of extra content you can add to your products, including international tax libraries and guidance for specialist areas.  

Why Croner-i?

Croner-i combines knowledge with practicality to give you guidance and best practice you can put into action.


Our writers know their stuff. Leading voices in tax and accounting, they have the knowledge to help you understand statutes and standards.


Download checklist programs, toolkits, and model documents, and use our tax workflows to keep your work accurate and compliant.


We constantly check and update our content, as well as provide daily news, so you can trust you have the latest information on any issue.


Our platform is always improving, adding functionalities, and enhancing the ways you can find information and use our resources in your work.