Croner-i tax, accounting, and audit add-ons

As well as our main tax and accounting suite, Croner-i offers a range of extra content you can add to your products. Enhance your online library with international tax resources, handbooks, guidance for specialist tax areas, and much more.

The following add-ons are available for Croner-i tax and accounting products.

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International Tax

Our International Tax add-ons offer a range of content for dealing with tax globally – including Worldwide Tax Treaties, VAT Libraries, our Global Transfer Pricing Library, international tax planning guides, and daily global tax news. Choose between the Essentials and Complete packages for the level of support that suits you.

Extra add-ons

Small Company Audit System – Our easy-to-use, Excel-based system to help you conduct audits of small individual companies and LLPs.

Private Company Audit System – A complete programme for auditing small, medium, and large companies and LLPs, with assistance for both individual and group audits.

Charities Assurance Toolkit – A full set of work programmes for charity account reporting, including audit, independent examination, and total exemption worksheets.

Practical Audit and Accounts Programme – A self-contained, usable system for handling audits and engagements of clubs and pension schemes.

Solicitors and other Client Money Programmes – Our complete resource for auditing client money for solicitors, insurance brokers, property professionals, and other similarly regulated areas.

Indirect Tax Reporter – Detailed VAT commentary, updated regularly with authoritative and comprehensive analysis from leading experts.

Corporate Finance Manual – In-depth guidance for tackling corporate finance, covering key procedures such as due diligence and forecasting. Also includes a library of specimen letters and other documents.

Company Secretary’s Factbook – A reference and guidance handbook for company secretaries to help them fully comply with the law, covering everything from company accounts to facilities management.

HMRC Manuals Archive – A unique library containing the full texts of archived HMRC Manuals, going back 20 years.

Global VAT Library – Unparalleled coverage of global VAT jurisdictions, complete with rates and charts, expert commentary, and practical how-to guides.

International Offshore Financial Centres – Includes our International Tax Planning Toolkit outlining ground rules for IOFCs, plus commentary and country-by-country analysis.

Worldwide Tax Rates & Answers – Our Smart Charts system gives you instant answers to tax rates worldwide. Individuals and Low-Tax Jurisdictions versions are both available.

US Master Tax Guide – Complete explanation and analysis of every aspect of United States tax, including individuals, corporations, estates and trusts, and more.

Intertax – A digital subscription to the European tax law journal, with articles from leading industry experts on the latest trends and developments.

Why Croner-i?

Easy to use

Croner-i is packed with functionalities that make finding, using, and saving the information you need intuitive and simple. Navigation is straightforward, searching is relevant and accurate, and the Statute Finder takes you to resources instantly.

Tailored for you

Scribble annotations, add highlights, tag your favourite and most relevant pages, create folders to group resources together, and share it all with colleagues across your organisation.

Extra support

This isn’t just an online portal – a subscription to Croner-i also provides calls to our helpline for more advice. Experienced advisors are on hand 9am-5pm to help answer your technical queries.

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