Croner-i Large Firm

Big accounting and audit firms need a wealth of expertise behind them, and that’s what Croner-i Large Firm can provide. Our online service is designed to cover the wide variety of issues your practice needs to deal with, including tools and guidance across the full breadth of financial reporting, audit, and tax advice.

That includes expert tax commentary, audit tools, in-depth guides to accounting standards, interactive workflows from Navigate Tax, and much more.

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Large Firm

Three products are available for large practices, so you can choose the level of support that suits you. 

Large Firm Lite gives you a full subscription to Accountancy Daily.

Large Firm Essentials contains the most vital content for accountants and auditors, including source materials, commentary, and tools. 

Large Firm Complete is our most comprehensive package, offering all the resources an accounting or audit firm could possibly need. 

Why Croner-i?

Easy to use

Croner-i is packed with functionalities that make finding, using, and saving the information you need intuitive and simple. Navigation is straightforward, searching is relevant and accurate, and the Statute Finder takes you to resources instantly.

Tailored for you

Scribble annotations, add highlights, tag your favourite and most relevant pages, create folders to group resources together, and share it all with colleagues across your organisation.

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