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Welcome to the Croner-i Shop. Here you’ll find our wide range of handbooks covering tax, accounting and audit issue, and titles on specific business issues, markets and industries. 

Whether it's referencing specific tax legislation, reviewing the latest accounting standards, or auditing accounts, every reference requirement is provided for. Expert commentary puts the legislation into context, and most of the titles are available on repeat order if you prefer to have the most up-to-date information automatically sent to you on publication.

Most Popular Tax Books

Hardman's Tax Rates and Tables 2018-19 (1st&2nd editions)
Red and Green Books 2018-19
The Red Book 2018-19
The Complete Tax Pack 2018-19
The Essentials Tax Pack 2018-19
Sole Practitioner Pack 2018-19
British Master Tax Guide 2018-19
The Green Book 2018-19
The Guides Tax Pack 2018-19
The Planning Tax Pack 2018-19
Practical International Tax Planning
VAT and the City 8th Edition

Most Popular Accounting and Audit Books

Deloitte GAAP 2018 - UK GAAP Pack
Deloitte GAAP 2018 - UK IFRS Pack
Preparing Series 2018-19
The Complete Audit and Accounting Set 2018-19
Auditing Handbook Set 2018-19
Accounting Handbook Set 2018-19
Financial Reports of Pension Schemes - A Statement of Recommended Practice 2018
Preparing Charity Accounts 2018-19
Preparing Small and Micro Company Accounts 2018-19
Preparing FRS 102 Company Accounts 2018-19
Practical Guide for Audit Committees 1st edition
Practical Guide to the Companies Act - 1st edition