Publication Date: 
Friday, May 24, 2019
Michael Conlon QC; Julian Hickey LLM (Tax), PhD, CTA Fellow; David Southern QC, FTII, FIIT

The ultimate commentary on handling VAT in the banking, finance, and insurance industries, written by leading experts. 

VAT and the City is a complete guide to VAT as it affects banks, finance, insurance, and similar industries.  

Created with accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, and other tax professionals in mind, this encyclopaedic reference book has everything necessary for understanding VAT in these specialised sectors. Commentary and practical guidance from leading tax experts explains all the relevant statutes and standards, from registration through to planning. 

Curated legislation and HMRC guidance is included, along with tables of data, ‘practice points’, and plenty of worked examples to help you get to grips with the legislation. 

And it couldn’t be easier to use. With a straightforward structure and comprehensive index, you can find the information you need quickly, and read to the level of detail you prefer. 

Plus, VAT and the City is cross-referenced with source materials and other Croner-i books, so you can switch back and forth easily. 

The 8th edition has been updated for 2019 – highlighting key changes from the 7th edition (2013) and considering the impact of Brexit.  

  • 8th edition, updated for 2019, reflecting key Brexit changes 
  • Includes commentary on new VAT topics, such as anti-avoidance provisions, VAT disclosure of tax planning arrangements, European Commission ecommerce rules, and important cases 
  • Essential for any tax professional who works with VAT in finance industries 
  • Includes tables of key data 
  • Extensive worked examples 
  • Vital extracts from legislation and HMRC guidance 
  • Written by experts Michael Conlon QC; Julian Hickey LLM (Tax), PhD, CTA Fellow; David Southern QC, FTII, FIIT