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We have decades of experience.

Every day, thousands of tax and accounting professionals from all sizes of accounting firms, use our information service to enhance their understanding and use of available information. Our deep domain experience covers all aspects of tax and accounting so you can be sure that we’ve considered every angle.

With complete coverage of UK and international tax, UK GAAP and IFRS accounting, auditing tools, practice management resources and news and current awareness, our services will cover all of your practice’s day-to-day tax, audit and accounting information needs in one place - there is no need to go elsewhere.

Our powerful Croner-i Navigate online reference service leads the way with innovative functionality - create online folders for your clients and share your research with your team. Highlight and add notes to help with your understanding and share either amongst your team or across the firm. Create your own personal view of the content. Use our 'Finder' tools to quickly look up statutes, cases, HMRC manuals or standards.

We will help you find the answers for your clients. From clear-cut compliance issues to complex topics, content is written in straightforward, plain English so it is easy to understand. After all, you can read the original regulations for yourself – our job is to help you apply them correctly.



Welcome to Navigate by Croner-i

Select your firm size to see our range of products that have been designed just for customers like you.

All your content is delivered through the industry leading Croner-i Navigate platform. This cutting-edge platform is designed so users spend less time searching for content and more time interacting with it. You will have access to all your resources in one place. Legislation, standards, commentary, and interactive tools are just a click away.

  • Sole Practitioner

    Our dedicated packages for sole practitioners contain all the tools, resources, and information you need to support your work. Choose from two levels of support.

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  • Small Firm

    Designed with small practices of 2-5 partners in mind, these packages contain source materials, detailed expert guidance, tools for managing your practice, and more. Choose from two levels of support.

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  • Mid-Tier Firm

    Mid-Tier Firm is designed to give medium-sized accounting practices (6-10 partners) the support they need. Whether you’re focused on financial reporting, audit, tax advice, or a bit of everything, our simple online service contains all the right resources.

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  • Large Firm

    Big tax and accounting firms need a wealth of expertise behind them – and that’s what Croner-i Large Firm (11+ partners) provides. Our online service is designed to support the extensive needs of large practices.

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  • Tax Investigation Insurance

    Protecting you from HMRC enquiries, helping you to grow your business and providing unrivalled support from our Tax & VAT advice lines & consultancy teams.

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  • My VIP Tax Team

    A full-time extension to your firm, featuring premium consultancy support to upskill your staff, boost your services, and grow your practice today.

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  • Navigate Learning

    Navigate Learning is a fast and efficient online training tool that enables busy tax and accountancy professionals to quickly and conveniently keep up to date with all the latest developments and to complete their CPD requirements at their own convenience.

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  • Who is Croner-i? +

    Croner-i provides online information, expert guidance, and tools for professionals. Our products include resources for sectors such as tax, accounting, audit, human resources, health & safety, and compliance.

    If you've been a Croner-i customer for a number of years, your service may previously have been known as CCH or Wolters Kluwer.

  • How can I order a product? +

    To order or sign up to a Croner-i product, call our sales team on 0800 231 5199. You can also fill out our enquiry form at the bottom of this page to get a call back.

  • How do I contact Croner-i? +

    We're always happy to help with your queries. You can contact us in the following ways.

    • New to Croner-i: 0800 231 5199, option 1
    • Existing customers: 0800 231 5199, option 2
    • Talk to us on live chat (bottom right-hand corner)

    Phone lines and live chat are open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

  • What are your supported browsers? +

    On desktop:

    • Microsoft Edge
    • Chrome – current and previous three versions
    • Safari 9 and above
    • Windows 7, 8, 10. 11
    • Mac OS 10.10 and above

    On mobile:

    • Chrome on Android Marshmallow and above
    • Safari on latest and previous Apple iOS

    Most other browsers and operating systems may work, but are not officially supported so some elements may not function properly.

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